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A platform for players with a dream to create their own reality

About T21 Performance (Travail)

At T21 Performance (Travail Baseball Development Inc) we believe that high-level play demands dedication, awareness and sacrifice. Although the unknown can be scary, if approached with the tenacity to put in the work then the road less travelled will actually lead you where you are supposed to be, as hard work always pays off in the end. The Travail team is committed to nurturing these qualities into players through professional-level skills development, real-world decision-making, and holistic performance mentoring. Travail Development’s goal is to shape players into the athletes of the future.

Our team is comprised of elite world-class coaches whose passion is to shape the body and mind of up-and-coming ballplayers. Guiding young players with the proper training, the right equipment and a clear strategy into the best colleges are critical aspects of developing future professional baseball players.

Travail is the stepping stone players take to achieve their goals. Travail Development is the platform for players with a dream, to create their own reality.


Do you want to have a better understanding of your swing?  Do you want to gain velocity on that fastball?  Do you want to increase your baseball IQ? You have come to the right place! Travail offers a variety of baseball training programs taught by world-class coaches to help develop your skills and unlock your full potential.

Basic services offered includes:
Pitching Clinics
Hitting Clinics
Catching Clinics
General Skills

We offer private baseball lessons for 1-4 players as well as group sessions at our two indoor facilities in North Van and East Van.

Please inquire at info@travail.co to book your private lesson or join a weekly training group!

“This game will show you exactly the person you are and shape the person you end up becoming.” - Michael Crouse
Tyson Gillies

Competitive hockey and professional baseball were demanding and disciplined commitments which required sacrifices from an early age. Leaving home at the age of 15 to pursue my dream as a professional athlete was challenging, rewarding and ultimately satisfying.

Michael Crouse

Born and raised in Vancouver BC. My passion for sport was fuelled on by the multitude of courts, track and fields. From an early age the athletic mechanics of baseball, football, volleyball and track inspired me. Through high school I played competitive volleyball, basketball and baseball. Baseball in particular, resonated for my skill set and drive. This is the sport I felt most passionate about and the sport I chose to pursue professionally.



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